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An urban sci-fi thriller like nothing you’ve read before

It’s eight-seventeen on a Tuesday morning, and every coma patient in the world has just woken up.

When an inexplicable phenomenon sweeps across the globe, the Australian government orders every agency to use their full resources to uncover the cause of the awakening. As her organisation’s response, anti-terrorist unit agent Jacinta Robbins is assigned to lead a small investigative taskforce to satisfy their obligations, despite the event falling far outside the A.T.U.’s regular domain.

However, as inexplicable events begin taking place across the city, evidence begins to mount against the newly awakened patients, shifting her investigation from afterthought to all-hands-on deck crisis.

With mystery after mystery piling up, Jacinta must uncover how these previously unrelated individuals seem to all be working together, and why many of their families now insist they are very different from the people they used to be.

But most of all, she must discover what they intend to do with the forty-eight nuclear fuel rods they’ve just stolen.